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Medical Records Held By Occupational Health


With reference to medical records held by Occupational Health please provide me with the following information:  

1. Are medical records held for the life of the officer (serving or retired)?  

2. Have any medical records been lost or destroyed?

3. Has it come to light that medical records have been misfiled i.e. one person's records into another person's file? If so, on how many occasions?

4. Can you confirm that medical records or information contained within the records, are not shared with any other department e.g. HR, Offices of the PCC, or Penninsular Pensions?


1. Officers’ or pensioners’ files are retained for as long as it is possible for an individual to apply for an injury award, i.e. 50 years or until they die.

2. Files are destroyed as above. No information is held in relation to whether any files have been ‘lost’.

3. No information is held in relation to misfiled records.

4. The Freedom of Information Act allows a right of access to recorded information. For the purpose of the Act, information that is recorded or documented can be disclosed. Information will not be held for the purposes of the Act where it relates to, for example, understanding, knowledge and opinion or requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.  There is no obligation for the constabulary to create information to satisfy a request. In this instance we would need to create an answer or provide confirmation for your questions. As such the information requested is not recorded information.

FOI Ref: 326/16

Date of Request: 25.02.16