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Redundancy Policy


My questions relate to staff redundancies

Q1. Are staff who are at risk of redundancy automatically slotted into vacant posts within the Constabulary?

Q2. If so and they are moved to posts on a lower pay grade, is their current pay frozen, and if so for how long?

Q3. If they are not slotted into vacant posts, do they have to apply for vacant posts in the same manner as staff not at risk or are they put into a separate application process?

Q4. What is the redundancy notice period?

Q5. How much redundancy pay does a staff member receive and is it based on years' service?

Q6. What is the highest amount of redundancy pay paid by the Constabulary in the last 12 months?


Staff at risk of redundancy are not automatically put into vacant posts. The information you have requested in questions 3 to 5 can be found in our Redundancy Policy. I have attached a copy for your reference.

Please see below for the relevant sections:

Q3. Section 10 – Alternative Work

Q4. Section 8 – Individual Consultation (Paragraph 8.6)

Q5. Section 13 – Statutory Redundancy Payments

In relation to question 6, I am unable to provide you with the highest amount of redundancy pay as this information constitutes personal information relating to an individual who could be identified. The exemption applicable to this is Section 40(2), third party personal information. This is an Absolute exemption so therefore there is no requirement to conduct a harm or public interest test. Any information is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act if it relates to or is supplied by another individual and disclosure of that information would contravene any of the principles of the 1998 Data Protection Act, in this particular case, disclosure of this information would contravene Principles 1 and 2 of the Act, whereby personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully and only obtained for one or more specified purpose or purposes.

FOI reference: 1054/16.

Date of request: 17.08.16.

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