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Digital Governance


The information requested relates to "Digital Governance", by which I mean any system or service supporting the checking of, and / or searching for issues that relate to; quality, search optimization and/or compliance of any or all of the web sites operated by you or on your behalf.

1. Do you use a paid-for service, subscription and or licensed software to support Digital Governance? If yes, which one do you use (e.g. SiteImprove, Hi-soft, Site Beam, Active Standards, or other) for your primary website'?

2. What is the annual contracted external spend for the software licence or subscription? Against the contract in place, what is the contract period and when is the contract due for renewal (day/month/year)?

3. What is the annual external spend, by supplier, for services (software licences, subscription fees, etc) supporting Digital Governance?

4. Which service do you use to monitor availability and report the uptime of your primary website?

5. Which content management system do you use for your primary website?


1. We use Siteimprove to support Digital Governance.

2. The annual contracted spend is £2,551. The contract renewal is 1st July 2017.

3. As above.

4. We use Pingdom to monitor availability and report the uptime of our primary website.

5. We use Umbraco as our content management system for our primary website.

FOI Ref: 332/16

Date of Request: 26.02.16