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2015 Election Expenses Investigation


Please provide in relation to the GE2015 Election Expenses investigation:

1) Total man-hours committed for the investigation(s) to date, both pre and post the 1 year extension granted by the courts in summer 2016.

2) A break down of time spent a) exploring existing information such as media reports already in the public realm, and b) actively investigating new leads and information.

3) The number of staff tasked to the investigation(s), their rank and experience.

4) The numbers of meetings and/or phonecalls held with the Electoral Commission to discuss progress on Election Expenses investigations throughout 2015 - 2016


In respect of questions 1 and 2 we do not record the total number of hours spent on each investigation. Officers undertake investigative work as part of their role and this may be completed alongside other investigations or duties.

A breakdown of number of hours spent on each investigation or the number of hours spent on any part of an investigation is not held.

In respect of question 3 the officers that are working on this are:

Detective Constable – Officer in the Case

Detective Sergeant

Manager – Financial Investigation & Economic Crime Team

All have considerable experience as Investigators and in particular Fraud Investigators.

In respect of question 4 there is no recorded information held relevant to this part of your request.

FOI reference: 1529/16.

Date of request: 22.12.16.