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Force Transgender Policy


1.    Does your force have a stand-alone transgender policy, or are transgender issues covered in different policies? If you have a stand-alone transgender policy, please provide a copy with this answer. 

2.    Is the whole transgender spectrum covered by your force policy/policies, or do these documents  just refer to those who are undergoing gender reassignment? 

3.    Does your force have a policy to cover the provision of uniform for transgender workers? 

4.    What, if any, items of uniform are issued on a gender basis by your force, for example are skirts only issued to female staff? 

5.    At what point are those undergoing gender re-assignment issued with/allowed to wear the uniform of their reassigned gender, in your force? 

6.   Is your force willing to issue separate I.D. cards/ uniform for those who are gender fluid to allow them to attend work as either gender?



In respect of questions 1, 2, 3 and 5 please see our Trans Equality policy attached. 

In relation to question 4, the issue of uniforms in these circumstances would be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

In relation to question 6, the constabulary would be willing to issue separate ID cards and uniforms to allow those to attend work as either gender.


FOI Reference: 052/16

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    Last updated: 09 February 2016