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Neighbourhood Policing/Safe Neighbourhood Teams


1. At present, how many Neighbourhood Policing Teams/Safer Neighbourhood Teams does you force operate, and how many officers and PCSOs are in each team?

2. What are the comparative figures for April 2010?

3. How often do your NPT/SNTs hold public meetings?

4. What date was the last such public meeting?

5. When was the last time your force updated its Neighbourhood Policing plan?

6. How many Safer Schools Partnerships does your force currently operate? And how many did it operate in April 2010?


1. We no longer have neighbourhood policing teams. Following extensive research and planning, the structure was changed so police officers and PCSOs who were previously working in these specific teams now work alongside their patrol officer colleagues). Whilst we no longer have these particular teams 321.43 full time equivalent (FTE) PCSOs and 325.41 FTE police officers operate in neighbourhood policing roles.

2. We do not record the number of Neighbourhood Policing teams we had in 2010. However as of 31st March 2010 there were 429.17 FTE PCSOs and 292.68 FTE police officers working in Neighbourhood Policing. Please note the figure for PCSOs included one PCSO Co-ordinator.

3. This varies area to area and we do not record the number of meetings. Our local police officers attend a number of public meetings in their neighbourhoods, for Example, PACT (also known as Neighbourhood Forums) and some parish council meetings. They also have the option to set up drop in sessions (beat surgeries) and a whole host of other public facing opportunities.

They are routinely advertised on our local pages of our website. I have provided a link to the Your Area section of our website for information.

4. This information is available on our website under the ‘Your Area’ section. You can search for a certain area by entering a post code into the search bar. A link is provided for your reference.

5. We do not have a ‘Neighbourhood Policing Plan’. We have a Local Policing Continuous Improvement Plan that was refined in February 2016. It provides the direction to all our local policing staff around their priorities to deliver our service promise.

6. In Bristol there are six police constables and four PCSOs working as Safer School Partnership Officers in 10 schools. In 2010 the figures for Bristol were six police constables and six PCSOs in 12 schools. 

There are no current Safer Schools Partnerships running in Somerset or North East.

Please note that local policing teams are encouraged to communicate with all schools in their area to identify any opportunities that arise in their community in which police can contribute to regarding awareness and educational sessions. The constabulary has Youth Project workers who support police teams with existing educational school resources covering a range of police related matters. There are a number of packages available covering a number of police related matters and are suited for children and young people aged up to 24 years. The aim of these packages is to both educate young people in our communities to be able to make informed decisions about the choices they make in life and also to prevent them from becoming victims.

FOI Ref: 482/16

Date of Request: 30.03.16