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Policing Costs for Far Right Demonstrations


Please could you tell me how much has been spent on policing demonstrations from far-right groups, including but not limited to Britain First, the English Defence League, the British National Party and Pegida in the past two years (from January 2014 to the present).

May I have the information broken down by date of demonstration, the name of the group demonstrating, the location, and the cost to policing.


Our records show that a total of £39,858 was spent on policing demonstrations of this nature. Please note that this figure relates to planned operations and will not include costs for any lower scale local policing responses.

We have identified three demonstrations all of which occurred in Bristol. Please find the requested information in the table below:

Date of Demonstration

Group Demonstrating

Cost of Policing Demonstration


Britain First Right Wing



United British Patriots



United British Patriots



FOI Ref: 327/16

Date of Request: 25.02.16