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Policing Far Right Events Over the Last 5 Years


I have a few questions about the policing of far right events and demonstrations over the last 5 years. For clarity's sake, by the "far right", I mean groups such as Britain First, the EDL, the London Forum, National Action and other such groups.

1) How much has been spent on policing of far right events and demonstrations?

2) How many officers were involved in policing these events or demonstrations?

3) If possible, I would like a breakdown of how much was spent on each demonstration or event, as well as the date and group that held the demonstration or event?

4) How many arrests have there been at far right events and who (protestor or counter protestor) was arrested?

In terms of question 4, protestor means someone who is part of the far right, and counter protestor means someone from a group like Stand Up to Racism or AntiFa.


Please find the requested information in the attached file.

FOI reference: 254/17.
Date of request: 22.02.17.

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