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Policing the Bridgwater Carnival Event


Could you tell me (without asking for a freedom of information request )

How much it cost Avon & Somerset police ...this year 2016 to Police the Bridgwater Carnival event ....including equipment etc.

And the Bridgwater Firework display

And did Sedgemoor District Council or The Bridgwater Carnival Committee pay any contribution towards your cost for supplying Police officers and Equipment.


The cost to the Police for Bridgwater Carnival this year was £12,771, in allocated additional staff time. The staff were present to prevent crime and disorder and as a command contingency in the event of major incident. They were not tasked in any way to contribute to the organisation of the event itself, including staffing road closures etc. The responsibility for which now all entirely rest with the Event Organisers - Bridgwater Carnival Committee

In relation to Bridgwater Firework display there was no cost to Avon and Somerset Police as this had no specific allocated police resources.

Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Carnival Committee did not make any contribution towards the cost for supplying Police Officers.  The police have not sough any cost recovery from the event organisers due to the charitable nature of the event.

FOI reference: 1374/16.
Date of request: 10.11.16.