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Police Officers with Non-Policing Job


Please can you give details of any serving police officers across your force with a registered non-policing job or business interest? 

I'd like to know how many officers have registered a business interest or other job; what rank each of those individuals are; and what is the job / business interest of each. That is, for each individual I would like to know their rank and the job / business interest they have registered.

I would be grateful if you could supply the most up to date figures which are correct as of January 2016. If the most recently collated information relates to 2015, that is fine. 

In addition, and providing you hold this information: please could you supply the same figures below for the four previous years?  

I.e. Please provide the same information as it was recorded in January 2014, January 2013, and January 2012. 



Your request for information has now been considered and I am not obliged to supply the information you have requested. 

The exemption applicable to this information is Section 21 – Information reasonably accessible by other means. This is an absolute and class based exemption and as such does not require a harm and public interest test. 

Registered business interests are recorded on a continuous list which is updated on our website periodically. Further information about registered business interests can be found on our website. As the list is continuous and updated regularly (usually in the summer) as and when business interests are added, we are unable to provide you with historical data.

In accordance with the Act, this represents a Refusal Notice for your request.

FOI Reference: 026/16