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Reported Incidents Involving Clowns in 2016


Please could you provide me with the information relating to incidents in which the force has been call to deal with people wearing scary clown costumes.

I would like the following details for each incident that has occurred since September 1 2016:

1. The date and location of the incident.

2. The nature of the incident - e.g. suspicious circumstances, criminal damage - and, if possible, a brief description of what occurred

3. The outcome of the incident - e.g. whether anybody was arrested, cautioned


A freetext search using the word ‘clown’ has been carried out of calls made to the police where police officers were dispatched. This has returned 69 records.

Please see the dates, locations (by local policing area) and call types in the attached file. No arrests or cautions are recorded with these calls. If investigations continued, arrests could be made at a later date but would not be recorded against the call.

FOI reference: 1267/16.

Date of request: 09.11.16.

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