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The Non-Provision of an Appropriate Adult for a Police Interview


I would be grateful if you could provide FOI data on any police complaints lodged with your police force since 1st Jan 2011 involving the breach of PACE by the non provision of appropriate adult for a police interview of vulnerable adults with autism, mental health or learning disabilities or children under the age of 18.



Please find the details below of the complaints made to the Constabulary concerning breach of PACE by the non-provision of appropriate adult for a police interview.

2011 – 2

2012 – 5

2013 – 4

2014 – 7

2015 – 5

2016 – 3 (to date)

Total – 26

Please note that of the 26 complaints, only one was upheld.

Of the above, the following reasons were specifically mentioned in the complaint:

Autism – 0

Mental Health – 4

Learning Difficulties – 3

Under 18 – 9

None of the above complaints contain more than one stated reason.

This Information has been obtained by way of free text search of allegation summaries held in our Professional Standards department and only includes cases where the complaint makes specific mention of non-provision of appropriate adults ‘for a police interview’.

FOI reference: 1044/16.

Date of request: 17.10.16.