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Officers Dismissed 2012-2016


1. The total amount of police officers who have been struck off for misconduct.

2. A list of the offences that have resulted in officers being struck off. I would like this information broken down annually from January 2012 until the time my request is answered.

Clarification received 23rd March 2016

"Struck off" as in the universal expression used to describe the situation whereby an official is no longer ​allowed to ​continue in their line of ​work because they have done something ​seriously ​wrong. In short, dismissed by the force. 


Q1. For the period 01/01/2012 to 23/03/2016 a total of 23 police officers were dismissed for gross misconduct.

Q2. Please see a list of the types of misconduct for each year. Please note that dismissal may be related to more than one type of misconduct type.

Calendar Year

Misconduct Type (Offence)


Discreditable Conduct

Honesty and Integrity


Discreditable Conduct

Honesty and Integrity


Discreditable Conduct

Honesty and Integrity


Discreditable Conduct

Honesty and Integrity

Authority Respect and Courtesy

2016 to 23/03/16

Discreditable Conduct

Authority, Respect and Courtesy

Honesty and Integrity


FOI Ref: 451/16

Date of Request: 22.03.16