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Force Dogs Injuries


I would like to know, for the years 2011 to 2015 (broken down by year):

a) the number of incidents when police dogs in your force have sustained injuries while on duty (if possible, please include type of injury and how it was sustained.);

b) the number of police dogs in your force which have died while still enrolled as a police dog (if possible, please include cause of death for each dog);

c) the total cost of medical bills for treating police dogs in your force;

d) the total number of police dogs in your force at any one point in each year.


Tri Force is a collaboration between Avon and Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Police to provide Specialist Operational Services. This encompasses the specialisms of Firearms, Roads Policing, Collision Investigation and Dogs.  

a) We have identified one incident in May 2014, a police dog received a kick to the jaw by a suspect which resulted in a broken jaw. We are unable to provide any information prior to April 2014.

 b) No police dogs have died while still enrolled since 2011.

 c) Please find the information in the table below:


Vets bill total











d) As of the 20th January 2016, Tri Force has 42 dogs. This figure does not include dogs in training.  Tri Force became operational in April 2014. The exact number of police dogs we had in previous years is not recorded.


FOI Ref: 236/16

Date of Request: 08.02.16