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Total Spend on Alcohol Breath Testing since 2012/13


The total spend within your police force on alcohol breath testing for the following years: 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14 2012/13 2011/12

On the 10th March you clarified that you would like to receive:

Please refer to spend related to roadside breath tests.


I have provided the recorded information that we hold in relation to the total spend on the annual maintenance of the roadside breath test units and the cost of any new units purchased (no information held prior to 2012).

Please be aware that we do not separately record the cost of the batteries required or the cost of the breath test tubes. These are purchased from individual district or communal budgets. We also don’t record the individual staffing costs for roadside breath tests, these form part of operational duties and a record of the number of hours spent and the cost of this is not held. 

2012 – 2013

Total spend of £13,986.42

2013 – 2014

Total spend of £21,032.00

(Costs increased due to purchase of a supply of brand new roadside handheld units)

2014 – 2015

£0 (Although our commitment to roadside breath testing took place, there were no repairs or any requirement to provide replacement gas cylinders.)

2015 – 2016

Total spend of £18,000.00

FOI reference: 280/17.

Date of request: 28.02.17.