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Wind Turbine Planning Costs


How much was spent on the failed planning permission application for a wind turbine in Portishead?

Please include seeking the pre-application advice which was sought from NSC, cost of experts, staff costs etc.

Please provide a full breakdown of how the money was spent too.


Pre-planning costs amounted to £85,894. Please find a breakdown of the costs below.

Wind resource feasibility


Extensive ecological surveys to determine the likely impact on wildlife (including birds and bats)

£ 24,294

Planning and access statements


First phase screening and scoping to include consultation with key stakeholders, planners, radio communications                               

Impact assessment, aviation impact assessment and consultation with the grid operator


Aviation consultation, noise and shadow assessment


Cultural heritage assessment


Landscape and visual impact assessment


Community engagement event  


Planning fees


Other associated project costs




A phased approach to project delivery was taken to limit exposure to risks and issues which might compromise the viability of the project at a later stage in the process.  Every care was taken to ensure that all potential impacts of the turbine were understood and could be avoided or mitigated where appropriate.  All project management was within existing resources and at no extra cost.  Pre-planning costs were set against predicted grid electricity savings of £41,810 and a Feed-in Tariff generation income of £61,962 per annum at that time, meaning pre-planning costs would be paid back in the first year of generation. These financial benefits would also of course have been coupled with a predicted reduction in the constabulary’s annual carbon emissions of 227 tonnes.


FOI Ref: 241/16

Date of Request: 09.02.16