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Staffing Levels - Yeovil Police Station


Could it be possible to know the manning levels at Yeovil Police Station from 2000 to current manning levels? I realise Yeovil station is currently under review but curious to know how much staffing levels have been affected in this time period.

Would there also be correlation between government policy and manning levels generally in Avon and Somerset?


Please find below the staffing levels at Yeovil police station for 2002 and 2015. Information concerning 2000 is no longer recorded. The earliest date this information is available for is 2002.

The information may not be 100% accurate as some roles for example could be recorded as being at Headquarters, however they may in fact be based at Yeovil. The figures do not include enquiry office staff as these individuals are employed by Southwest One, not the Constabulary.

31/12/2002 Total FTE at Yeovil – 62.58, Headcount 64.

31/12/2015 Total FTE at Yeovil – 155.34, Headcount 162

Please note the 2015 figure is not reflective of the resource capability as we are able to deploy officers from across the constabulary and indeed neighbouring forces.


FOI Reference: 048/16