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Total Number of Police Employees May 2016


1. Total number of employees

2. Total number of officers/constables

3. Most recent annual budget

4. Population size served

5. Area served (in km)

6. Number of divisions

7. Number of stations


1. As at 31st May 2016 we have a headcount of 5,959 employees.

2. As at 31st May 2016 we have a headcount of 2,758 Police Officers, 331 PCSO’s and 404 Special Constables.

3. I am not obliged to provide the information as it is exempt by virtue of section 21, information accessible to you by other means.

Please find a link below to the 2015/16 Statement of accounts where the information can be located:

4+5. The population size and area covered in km is not recorded by the constabulary.

There is information available on the Wikipedia website relating to the constabulary, however this information may not be up-to-date.

6. The constabulary comprises of three areas, Bristol, Somerset, and North East.

7. As above this information is already available to you by other means and is therefore exempt from disclosure by virtue of section 21.

Our stations can be viewed on our website:


FOI reference: 907/16.

Date of request: 12.07.16.