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Police Officers Suspended as of 1st January 2017


1. As of 01.01.17 how many of your force's officers were suspended on full pay? Please provide me with a breakdown showing the number of officers suspended in each rank of your force as of 01.01.17.

2. Please also provide me with a list showing the date (month/year) that each officer suspended as of 01.01.17 was first suspended from duty on full pay.

3. How many of the suspended officers as of 01.01.16 (this is the correct date) have since returned to work and how many were dismissed or resigned?

Please note this question only relates to police officers and NOT special constables or PCSOs.


As of 1st January 2017 two officers were suspended, both Police Constables.

One was suspended in May 2016 and one in December 2016.

In some circumstances it is appropriate for an officer to be suspended whilst investigations are carried out. This does not mean any guilt has been attributed.

The Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 – Suspension, under these regulations Police Officers are suspended on full pay. There is no mechanism that allows for the withdrawal or reduction in pay whilst suspended.

In relation to question 3 on 01/01/2017 of the 8 officers suspended as of 01/01/2016:

  • 3      have since returned to work
  • 5      have been dismissed without notice

FOI reference: 054/17.

Date of request: 12.01.17.