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Officers Overtime 2015


For the purposes of this request, overtime is classed as money paid to employees of Avon and Somerset Police for working beyond their normal contracted hours.

  1. How many police officers claimed for overtime between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2015.
  2. Can I also have the amount of lieu time that was granted to employees, both front line and back office, in place of money.
  3. In the same time period, how many employees who would be classed as “back office staff”, or not people not on the front line, have claimed overtime.
  4. How much in total has Avon and Somerset Police paid out to employees for overtime.
  5. What is the largest single amount paid to one employee, both front line and back office for overtime, during the same time period?
  6. What is the lowest single amount paid to one employee for overtime, both front line and back office, during the same time period.
  7. What is the total number of police officers that were paid overtime in the same time period?

 Clarification received:

I was unsure how to phrase the question regarding back office staff, so I think Civilian Staff employees  would be exactly what I was referring to.


  1. 2,134 police officers accrued overtime in 2015.
  2. 279,701 hours were owed to employees of lieu time.
  3. 1,299 police staff accrued overtime in 2015.
  4. £7,444,905.20 was paid in overtime in 2015.

Breakdown of Overtime expenditure:

Officer overtime - £5,619,645

Staff overtime - £1,807,038

PCSO overtime - £18,223

Included within the above figures is £2,402,480 for major events/operations.

  1. The largest single amount paid to one employee was £23,136.47.

The above relates to a police staff member employed on a ‘zero hours’ contract as part of a major investigation which is recorded as overtime for accounting purposes although paid at a plain rate.

  1. The lowest single amount paid to one employee was £5.95.
  2. 2,191 police officers were paid overtime in 2015.

Please note with questions 1 and 3, these are the amount of officers and police staff in that period when this overtime was accrued, there is no report that provides when the overtime was claimed. In relation to questions 1 and 7, there are a higher number of officers paid in 2015 than the number of officers who accrued overtime. This is because an officer could have worked the overtime in 2014 but it was paid in 2015.

FOI Ref:298/16

Date Requested: 19.02.16