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IOD Consent Forms


In 2014, 16 Avon and Somerset Police pensioners in receipt of Injury on Duty Awards (IODA) were selected for review. They commenced on 12th November 2014.

The Avon and Somerset Constabulary have withheld personal data of a sensitive and medical nature of all 16 of these Police pensioners.

Access to this personal data, can only be granted by the people concerned, and can only be viewed by the Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP), as per the principles set out by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Please therefore tell me:

  1. Of the 16 Pensioners, how many were sent a consent form, granting you access to the sensitive and medical data you retained in their OHU files, and how many were returned.
  2. Please also send me a generic copy of the consent request that the DPA requires, in order for you to access these files.
  3. Please also tell me, under what authority you rely on to allow continued retention of this information, detailing any legislation which might permit Avon and Somerset Police to retain these records.


  1. All 16 were sent a consent form and they were all returned.
  2. See attached
  3. Data Protection Act


FOI Ref 644/16


Date of Request: 21.04.16

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