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IOD Medical Records


You have stated in a previous FOI that all medical records are kept securely in locked cabinets for 50 years or for the life of the IOD Police Pensioner.

For the moment, ignoring the matter of whether the retention of these records is legal under the terms and principles of the Data Protection Act.

  1. Where are these locked and secure cabinets held?
  2. Are they locked with a key, or combination code?
  3. Who has control over either the key, or possesses the code?
  4. How many consent forms have been sent to former officers over the last five years, as required by the Data Protection Act, allowing you as a Constabulary to access these records?
  5. How many have been returned?
  6. Are records kept of all occasions when these personal, sensitive and medical records are accessed?
  7. If so, who maintains the records?
  8. Under the terms and principles of the Data Protection Act, only certain people can have access to this information, therefore who has had access to the retained Medical, Personal and sensitive records of all Avon and Somerset Constabulary pensioners in receipt of an IODA over the last five years?


  1. The secure cabinets are held at Unit 12 Portis Fields
  2. They are locked with a key
  3. An individual’s name is not recorded. The keys are kept in a locked key cabinet when not in use
  4. Not necessary because the records are being used for the purpose they were      intended for
  5. N/A
  6. No
  7. N/A
  8. The only people who would have access to the medical records would be members of the Occupational Health team when required.

FOI Ref: 712/16

Date of Request: 13.05.16