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IOD Pensioners - Random Selection


On the 27th January, in reply to a request made by me, you stated that a number of Injury on Duty pensioners had been selected for the next review "by using the random selector facility on Excel."    

Excel could be programmed in a number of different ways in order to make this selection from a list of pensioners contained within the spreadsheet.   

In the interests of transparency of your process, you please provide a copy of the Excel spreadsheet containing the code which makes this selection. 

I understand that you may wish to remove the names of your  pensioners from the spreadsheet before providing a copy.



Please be advised that information is subject of the freedom of information act, not documents, and as the only element you are seeking is the formula please find the information below. As you allude to in your request the personal details would have to be removed in any event. 

This is the formula to generate one name – which is repeated in 8 different lines to produce the group of 8.. 

=INDEX('Running list of IOD pensioners'!E2:E500,RANDBETWEEN(1,COUNTA('Running list of IOD pensioners'!E2:E500)))

FOI Reference: 177/16