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1. Does your Force have apprentices? 

If yes:

2. How many apprentices were registered with your force as at 1st June 2015? 

3. Please list each different role description for your apprentices and the department that they work in

 4. Please describe any plans to increase the number of and/or roles to be undertaken by apprentices in the future 

If no:

5. Are there any plans to recruit apprentices in the future?  

6. Please summarise any plans including number of apprentices to be recruited, roles and departments in which they will be trained


1. Yes we do use apprentices. 

2. 16 were registered as at 1st June 2015. These individuals have now left the apprenticeship programme and have secured permanent positions. 

3. We had 7 new apprentices start in October 2015. The apprentices all have the same job description which we have attached. The departments are as follow: 

  • Professional Standards Department
  • Local Policing
  • Specialist Operations (MCIT, KSH)
  • Specialist Operations (Investigations)
  • Criminal Justice Department – Speed Enforcement Unit
  • IMPACT & IRiS 
  • Communications Department (Prevention, Protection and Prosecution) 

4. The programme is under review whilst we consider the impact of the apprenticeship levy. We do plan to recruit again this year but are not yet in a position to confirm numbers or the locations and roles they will be recruited to. 

5+6. N/A.



FOI Reference: 153/16

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