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"Extra Powers" for Staff/Volunteers


Q1. What assessment have you made of the possibility of conferring extra powers and responsibilities on contracted staff or volunteers as part of any modernisation programme you may have?

Clarification received:

I am referring to extra powers to be conferred on civilian staff or volunteers, not police officers - I am interested to know whether your force plans to confer some of the powers a police officer already has onto civilian staff or volunteers, in keeping with the announcement by the Home Secretary that she wants to enable chief constables to do just that.

Q2. How many volunteers with specialist knowledge of the following are there in your force:

(a) Child Sexual Exploitation

(b) cyber-crime

(c) counter-terrorism

(d) radicalisation prevention?


Q1. No relevant information is held. 

Q2. At present, we do not have any specific volunteer roles that cover the specified areas.

FOI Reference: 175/16