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Secondary Investigator Roles


Q1. How many people does your force currently employ in secondary investigator roles, i.e. those involved in the active investigation of crime after an initial report has been taken/initial information is received?  

Clarification received:

By the term 'secondary investigation' I mean investigation of crime after the initial report is taken, i.e. where crimes are screened in to officers for further investigation rather than closed after receipt of the initial details - I am interested in statistics of officers/staff who actively investigate crimes/incidents. 

By using this term I wanted to ensure that the response I received did not include statistics that, for example, would include civilian staff who take reports by telephone, but do not carry out further investigatory work. 

Q2. Of those, how many are  

a) Detective Constables

b) Police Constables

c) Civilian staff (non-warranted staff or Police staff)  

Q3. Within which teams and departments do you currently employ or use civilian investigators? For example; Serious Crime, Volume Crime, Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse Investigation, etc. - Please provide a breakdown of how many of these investigators of each type there are within each team/department. 

Q4. Of the Civilian staff, how many of them are:

a) Employed directly by your force

b) Employed by a third party and/or engaged by a third party agency  

Q5. Please provide information as to which third party companies provide staff to your force.


We have taken your request for secondary investigators to mean total police officers as all police officers can investigate a crime after the initial report is taken. As of 30th November 2015 there were 2,668.12 FTE*. There are a total of 324.42 FTE PCSO’s. 

Police staff who have been identified as relevant to your request total 225 (Head count.) 

*Does not include career breaks and seconded out of Force, but does include direct entry, fast track, temporary funded posts and attachment posts 

Of those officers, 317.70 FTE* are detective constables, 1,734.44 FTE* are police constables.  

The 225 police staff employed in secondary investigator roles as above can be broken down as follows: 

Command and Control

98 Incident Assessors 

Specialist Operations

35 Major Crime Investigators

1 Review Officer

3 Detention Investigation Team Supervisors

24 Investigative Support officers

1 Fraud Investigator

5 Case Review Crime Officers

6 Serious Crime Officers

1 Public Protection Investigation Officer

1 Financial Investigation Supervisor

50 Detainee Investigation Team Investigators 

All the civilian staff identified above are employed directly by Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

FOI Reference: 1652/15