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Could you please tell me:

Q1. How many special constables have completed their training process since September 2012 and no longer serve with the force?

Q2. How much does the force estimate it costs to train each special?

Q3. Of the current members of the special constabulary, how many are employed by either the force or the police and crime commissioner (i.e. in a civilian role)?


Q1. A total of 243 special constables have undertaken training since September 2012. Of those, 68 are no longer with the constabulary, however at least 13 of these left the constabulary due to securing employment as a police officer.

Q2. Excluding tutorship (during which special constables will be operational although under supervision) and post initial training that would be undertaken by existing officers, the cost of training a special constable is £1,500 per person based on a full recruitment complement of 40 special constables. Where fewer special constables comprise an intake, the cost per person will be higher depending upon the number involved. We would not run a course for fewer than 16 trainees.

3. As of 30/1/2016, 57 out of 394 special constables are employed by the constabulary or the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in staff roles.



FOI Reference: 191/16