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Autism/Asperger Syndrome Awareness Training


1. Does the force subscribe to either the Job Centre Plus 'Two Tick scheme or its replacement, the 'Disability Confident' scheme?

2. If the force subscribes to the Two Tick or Disability Confident schemes, does the scheme apply to internal vacancies?

3. What autism/Asperger syndrome awareness training is provided for your officers and staff?

4. What reasonable adjustments does the force make to the promotion process for officers with autism or Asperger syndrome?


1. The Force has been awarded the Disability Confident employer status.

2. Yes, the approach we take to employment of disabled people both internally and externally has been recognised as meeting the Disability Confident standard.

3. Workshops on managing disability and reasonable adjustments have been delivered to line managers throughout the constabulary during 2011-2014. These will continue as necessary as new line managers are recruited and promoted. 

An on-line diversity course for all staff includes a module on disability, which covers the rights and responsibilities of all staff.

The intranet is used to provide information on disability and a senior-level Disability Champion raises the profile of disability issues. Information regarding the Disability symbol is also on the intranet.

If an individual has a disability which may impact on team members, they are consulted regarding if and how this should be disclosed. If appropriate, training can and will be commissioned for colleagues in the team.

The corporate Learning and Development Department can design and deliver bespoke training in relation to disability issues wherever and to whoever required.

4. Reasonable adjustments are made for individuals on a case by case basis and therefore adjustments for the promotion process would depend on an individual officer’s needs. Any reasonable adjustments made are under our obligations of the Equality Act 2010.

In addition the National Police Autism Association provides support to officers and staff with Autism Spectrum disabilities. I have provided a link which may be of use to you.

FOI reference: 1053/16.

Date of request: 17.08.16.