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Police Promotions


1. How many of the Constabulary's serving constables have passed the sergeant’s exams but are awaiting the removal of the recent freeze on promotion rounds? What is this expressed as a percentage of the total number of serving PCs; and,

2. How many serving constables have been promoted to sergeant in the past 2 years; and.

3. How many serving sergeants have been promoted to inspector in the past 2 years; and

4. What are the dates of the promotion rounds to the rank of sergeant and Inspector that will be available within the next 6 or 7 years.



Since the last promotion board round in March 2016, 33 officers have passed the Sergeant’s exam. As at 31st August 2016 the number of constables in the constabulary was 1,992.09 (FTE). For your information, the Freedom of Information Act allows a right of access to recorded information. For the purpose of the Act, information that is recorded or documented can be disclosed. There is no obligation for the constabulary to create information in order to satisfy a request. In this instance we would need to produce a percentage for the second part of question 1. As such this information is not recorded.

A total of 48 officers have been promoted to Sergeant and 30 officers have been promoted to Inspector in the last two years.

Confirmed dates for assessments are as follows:

Sergeants Board Assessment Centre:

Monday12th November – Wednesday 30th November 2016

Inspectors Board Assessment Centre:

Monday 14th September – Friday 18th November 2016

No further dates for assessment have been confirmed.

FOI reference: 1141/16.

Date of request: 13.09.16.