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Damaged/Missing Police Cars


1. How many police cars were damaged in 2014-15? 

2. How many police cars went missing in 2014-15?  

3. How much money has your force spent on missing cars in 2014-15? 

5. What were the common reasons for damaged police cars in 2014-15?  

6. What were the common reasons for missing police cars in 2014-15?


1. 901 police cars were damaged in 2014/15. 

5. The common reasons for the damage include were: 

  • 3rd Party at fault
  • 3rd Party not at fault
  • 3rd Party - Police Vehicle at Fault
  • Cause Unknown
  • Criminal Damage
  • No Relevant 3rd Party involved
  • Police 'Hard’ Stop
  • Police ‘Soft’ Stop
  • Possible 50/50
  • Unidentified 3rd Party at fault
  • Unidentified 3rd Party not at fault

 With regards to question 2, 3 and 6 we don’t have any information concerning “missing cars”.


FOI Reference: 207/16