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CFO Julian Kern


In November 2015 Julian Kern, in his capacity as CFO & Director of Resources visited Merseyside police. Please provide all internal communications, emails, documents, notes, memos etc sent by Julian Kern or any subordinate of Mr Kern directly immediately after his visit on 17th November 2015 and relating to the processes that were subsequently referred to in the email Julian Kern sent to Peter Owens on the 24/12/2015 @ 09:17.    

To assist you in your search the email mentions discussions with at least 3 internal departments based on the findings of Mr Kern's visit to Merseyside police to discover how Merseyside carry out IOD reviews.  I would like the search to cover all departments these discussions were with.


No further information is held by the constabulary. There were no further emails or correspondence. The discussions referred to in the email of 24th December 2015 were all provided by way of verbal update and were not part of any official meeting process.

FOI Ref: 273/16

Date of Request: 15.02.16