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Costs Received for Football Policing


The amount received from each Football League and each Premier League football club in the force area to cover policing at football matches in the 2015/16 season.
If any payments have not been received for the final games I would be grateful if the amount charged or to be charged could be provided to enable me to put a full season figure together.


Please find the information in the table below. The charges are based on our attendance at those football matches where our risk assessment determines that a policing presence is required. The constabulary recovers the costs of policing football within the footprint of the stadium from the host club. The level of policing is dependent on the risk of crime and disorder occurring. A match is awarded a category and the club remunerates the constabulary at a fixed fee for each category. Please note the figures are inclusive of VAT.

Football Team

15/16 Season amount charged

Bristol   City FC


Bristol   Rovers FC


Yeovil   Town FC


Grand Total


FOI Ref: 728/16

Date of Request: 20.05.16