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Community Resolutions Used To Resolve Sex Offence Crimes in 2015-2016


1) How many crimes - specifically sex offences - have been resolved using Community Resolutions (CR) in 2015 and 2016? 

2) Can you break down the sexual offences into further detail, e.g. rape, sexual harassment, attempted rape, sexual activity with a child etc. 

3) Please clearly organise the data by year/offence name.


Resolved by Community Resolution








Exposure and voyeurism



Sexual activity involving a child under 13



Sexual assault on a female aged 13 and over



Soliciting for the purpose of prostitution



The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Gravity Matrix is used to determine the seriousness of a crime and whether it falls into the category as suitable to be resolved through a Community Resolution. 

  • Community Resolutions are designed to be used for low level crimes and often for first time offenders. Not only does the offender have to have admitted the offence but both parties must consent to the use of a Community Resolution.
  • Community Resolutions for these offences can be very useful particularly with young people who are exploring the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.
  • The authorising Inspector is required to provide a full decision making rational as to why the Community Resolution is appropriate, and give authorisation.
  • Any Community Resolution given for a serious sexual offence is always reviewed by the PCCs Out of Court Disposal Scrutiny Panel. The is a panel made up of Magistrates, CPS, Courts Legal Advisor, Victim Support, Youth Offending Team, a representative from a community support group (SARI) and an independent person.
  • A Community Resolution can be used for youths and adults. Avon and Somerset Constabulary regularly audit and review our use of Community Resolutions to ensure that we continue to only use them in appropriate circumstances.

Please also find below a link to the College of Policing’s Guidance which may be useful.

FOI reference: 1543/16.

Date of request: 26.12.16.