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RTA's Causing Injury to Cyclists


In relation to the following road traffic incidents resulting in injury to cyclists (your ref.s): 141402139 141402301 141406643 141406891 141500437 could you please tell me how many were referred to the CPS for a charging decision, how many of these cases resulted in a prosecution and in how many of these cases a conviction was secured. Could you also tell me how many of these incidents resulted in the police issuing a driver with a fixed penalty notice or any other enforcement action. 

Clarification received: 

The numbers referred to come from the reference numbers attached to the incident forms, commonly called STATS 19 forms, which I understand your officers complete when they attend road traffic incidents which involve injury to one or more party/ies. In 2013 I used this referencing system to request information from your office without any problems (please see your letter dated 06 September, 2013 for example). 

The information I am seeking relates to the action your officers have taken following the specified incidents. I am seeking to find out how many of the specified cases in total you referred to the CPS for a charging decision, which you have informed me you do in more serious cases such as dangerous driving, and the outcome of those referrals. Similarly, I would be grateful if you could inform me as to the follow up enforcement action the Force took in relation to less serious offences, such as careless driving, what type of enforcement action that was and the outcomes of that action.


None were referred to CPS for charging decision. Two of the cases resulted in prosecution and conviction, no information is held concerning fixed penalty notices or any other enforcement action.

FOI Reference: 1757/15