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RTA's Resulting in Cyclist Injury


In relation to the following road traffic incidents resulting to injury to cyclists (your ref.s from collision report form 629): 141406434 141405004 141406172 141405354 141407791 141406899 141408727 141403760 141400969 141407169 could you please tell me how many resulted in the driver of a motorised vehicle being prosecuted and in how many cases a conviction was secured. Could you also tell me how many of these incidents resulted in the police issuing a driver with a fixed penalty notice or any other enforcement action


None were referred to CPS for charging decision. None of the cases resulted in prosecution, conviction or fixed penalty notices. One of the cases involved the driver attending a National Driver Awareness Course (NDAC).

FOI Ref: 319/16

Date of Request: 24.02.16