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Southmead Road/Golf Course Lane Junction


I have been liaising with South Glos Council reference the Southmead Road / Golf Course Lane road junction. There are many collisions there and many more near misses. However, the council inform me that: "Having checked our injury accident records for the past 3 years, there appears to have been 2 Personal Injury Accidents (PIAs), one from May 2014 some way into Golf Course Lane involving a cyclist classified as serious and one from June 2013 involving a minor vehicular shunt at the junction." I therefore asked them from where they get their records and was told: "It is the responsibility of the Police to send us details of injury accidents which occur on the road network in South Gloucestershire. They arrive electronically in batches every week & our Road Safety Team enter them onto our injury accident database." So would you please check your records and see if you have more recent data. I have seen the police in attendance many times in 2015 and only a few weeks ago (mid January 2016) there was a bad accident with the Fire Brigade in attendance and yet this doesn't appear to have been conveyed to S. Glos council. Is there somewhere else to get these records, e.g. the hospitals, or do they get compiled with your records?

Clarification received:

I am most confused as the council state they get their accident records from the police and you state the police get their accident records from the council!

I will contact the council again but in the meantime I would like to take you up on your offer of:

“We could provide you with the number of phone calls we have received in relation to road traffic collision on the Southmead Road/ Golf Course Lane junction, where a police unit has been dispatched within a specified timeframe e.g. the last 3 years if this would be of use to you.

The last 3 years will be fine.


In the last three years we have received one phone call in relation to a road traffic accident at the above location.

FOI Ref: 346/16

Date of Request 29.02.16