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Finances Generated from National Speed Awareness Courses since 2011


1. Please supply the income and expenditure accounts over the past five years on a yearly individual basis for NOIPs?

2. The subsequent finances generated from SACs.

3. Please include ALL third parties and provide the full accounts.


1. This information is not recorded, the expenditure accounts can’t be broken down in this way. Any cost recovery received by the constabulary related to National Speed Awareness Courses is used to fund the speed enforcement unit.

2. The information is specific to the National Speed Awareness Course, below is the income for the last five

2011 - £9345.00

2012 - £1,338,295.00

2013 - £1,436,680.00

2014 - £2,054,640.00

2015 - £1,894,200.00

3. A separate company run the Speed Awareness Courses and therefore we do not hold information relating to their accounts.

FOI reference: 1198/16.

Date of request: 29.09.16.