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Fixed Speed Cameras - Statistics


Taking the combined total for 2013, 2014 and 2015 calendar years, which three fixed position camera sites in your area were activated the most times regardless of whether the activation ended up with the issuing of a FPN, a driver speed awareness course or was discontinued for any number of reasons.  

Please provide me with the position of the camera and the number of activations where it “caught” suspected speeders.  

If you have the data please provide the number of fixed penalty notices issued as a result of these activations at each of these three site for the combined three year total. 

Note: If it is easier to provide the data for the last three financial years ending with either the 2014/15 financial year or the 2015/16 financial year then I am content to accept that but please explain this in your response. 

Note: If the data for your area is administered by a separate speed camera safety partnership I would like you to forward this request on to them, with my permission.



Please note we had no fixed cameras activated in 2013 and 2014. 

In 2015 the three fixed position camera sites that were activated the most times were as follows: 

A358, near the junction Lipe Lane and Stoke Road, Henlade

Notices issued: 9067 

A4 Bath Road, near the junction with The Shallows, Saltford

Notices issued: 6384 

B3440 New Bristol Road, near Mendip Green First School, Worle

Notices issued: 5938 

Total Notices issued for all three sites: 21389

FOI Reference: 609/16