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HADEC3 Motorway Cameras


The typre approval of the HADEC3 cameras indicates that the cameras must be used in conjunction with a variable speed sign such as a MS4 sign. I have obtained this from your website –

Can you Safety Camera department confirm whether this is the case, and if not, provide the type approval allowing enforcement without the need for one of the variable signs listed in the type approval.


The Home Office Type Approval (HOTA) document states that HADECS3 cameras only have HOTA if they are used in conjunction with one of the indicator units specified within that document.

The Speed Enforcement Unit complies with all of the HOTA requirements, including only processing offence records when the HADECS3 camera is used in conjunction with an approved indicator unit. Currently all of the units installed with the HADECS3 cameras are Colas Advanced Motorway Indicators.

FOI reference: 989/16.
Date of request: 01.08.16.