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Mobile Camera Location 2985


Please may I have figures for the Safety Camera Partnership Mobile Camera Location 2985 -Bannerdown Road, Batheaston for the period: March 1st 2011 to February 29th 2016 and the exact actual location of said mobile camera on Bannerdown Road and which way it faces. To confirm

1. Session Month/ Date/time/length of period

2. No of vehicles seen in that period

3. No of vehicles exceeding 30 mph limit (detections)

4. Actions that were taken


This site has only been active since November 2015. The site is near the junction of Barnfield Way. The site was attended on the following dates:

12/12/2015 from 12:48 to 13:31

08/01/2016 from 08:11 to 09:13

29/01/2016 from 08:41 to 09:12

13/02/2016 from 08:49 to 09:35

In relation to questions 2 and 3 we only record the number of vehicles detected speeding which in total was 49 vehicles.

A total of 40 of the drivers who were detected speeding were eligible for a speed awareness course, seven drivers were eligible for Fixed Penalty Notices, one driver went to court and there was one  incident where no further action taken.

FOI Ref: 336/16

Date of Request: 29.02.16