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Speed Camera Outside Worle Community School


It was reported in the Weston Mercury last year that between 11th February and 31st March a large number of people had been prosecuted as a result of being caught exceeding the speed limit by the camera outside Worle Community School.

1. When was the limit reduced to 30mph?

2. What was the accident rate in the 6 months both prior to and immediately following the erection of this camera, within a distance of 0.5km of the camera in each direction?

3. How many of the 1912 drivers caught speeding were doing in excess of 40mph?

4. Of those caught, how many drivers were offered attendance at a Speed Awareness Course?

5. How many of those attended such a course?

6. At what time of day were these drivers caught, broken down in 0001-0600, 0601-1200, 1201-1800, 1801-2400?


Clarification received: 

You wish to receive figures concerning when the camera was reactivated in 2015.



1. No Information held- Speed limits are not set by the Constabulary.

2. Between September 2014 and February 2015 no injury accidents were recorded. Between February and March 2015 there was one injury accident recorded.

3. Our records indicate there were 1,712 recorded offences. Of those 192 drivers were detected exceeding 40mph.

4. A total of 1,624 offences were eligible to be settled by attending a workshop if the driver had not attended one within the last three years before the date of the alleged offence or after the offence.

5. A total of 837 attended a course.

6.      0001-0600: 25

 0601-1200: 279

 1201-1800: 388

 1801-2400: 145


FOI Ref: 173/16

Date of Request: 18.01.16