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30mph Speed Limit Guidelines


30mph speed limit enforcement: driving in excess of 30mph

1). 30 Mph speed limit tolerance +/- mph before prosecution through courts

2). 30 Mph speed limit tolerance +/- mph before speed awareness course

3). 30 Mph speed limit tolerance +/- mph words of warning 

Please provide data on how many drivers have been either prosecuted/sent on a SAC during 2015/16 for driving in excess of 30mph in a 30mph zone. 

4). Would your force use data from a speed indication device that has been placed on or near a bend only obtaining slow speeds if it knew in advance the data has been manipulated by it being placed in a poor position such as a bend. 

5). Does your force have a policy of where to place speed indication devices to obtain true recording of speeds. 

6). How important is speed enforcement on a 30mph zone when a child play area is known to be next to a speeding hotspot to your force.


1. Drivers detected travelling at 50 mph and above will be prosecuted through the courts. 

2. We enforce in line with ACPO guidelines, which means education can be offered when an offence is detected from 35mph to 42mph. 

3. We do not offer words of warning when detected by a camera, however if detected by a Police Officer this would be at their discretion. 

In 2015 there were 120,983 prosecutions. 49,901 drivers attended a speed awareness course.

4. No information is held.   

5. No the Force does not have a policy. Speed indication devices are normally placed by the Local Authorities. 

6. Avon and Somerset Constabulary are committed to making our roads safer for all users, where it is brought to our attention and identified as a problem location for excess speed, we will ascertain if it is possible to set up an enforcement site, anyone who is detected exceeding the posted limit will be prosecuted.

FOI Reference: 523/16