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B3440 New Bristol Road Speed Enforcement


1. A copy of the Certificate of Calibration relating to the aforesaid speed detection camera on B3440 New Bristol Road near Mendip Green First School.

2. A copy of the written report from the appropriate officer, who services the aforesaid unit, and tested its accuracy on or before the 22 May 2016 at 17.43.

3. The total number of prosecutions relating to the exceeding of the 30mph speed limit resulting from the aforesaid camera, for the months of March, April and May 2016.

4. Within the total in(3)

a) To those in respect of speeds of between 30mph and 35mph.

b) To those in respect of speeds of 35mph to 40mph.


1. Please find the certificate attached.

2. This detail is in the attached certificate.

3. A total of 1137 Notices were issued - 358 in March, 374 in April and 405 in May.

4a. 405 vehicles were detected travelling from 30mph to 35mph, all were detected at 35mph.

4b. 656 vehicles were detected travelling from 36mph to 40mph inclusive.


FOI reference: 892/16.

Date of request: 24.06.16.

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