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Theft of Chemicals 2015


1) All incidents of reported theft of chemicals in the past year in your area of jurisdiction (year 21 June 2015 to 20 June 2016)

2) Details of what chemicals were reported stolen and their quantity

3) The type of property from which the chemicals were stolen (e.g. warehouse, domestic dwelling, laboratory)

4) Whether any arrests were made in connection with the theft

5) Whether the reported stolen chemicals were recovered, and if so the quantities returned.


1. We have identified 61 reported thefts where a chemical is listed chemical thefts in your specified timeframe. This includes those recorded as ‘chemicals’, ‘cleaning chemicals’, ‘insecticides’ and ‘solvents’.

2+3. The type of chemical, the quantity stolen and the type of dwelling is not always recorded. Please find the information attached for thefts where this information has been recorded.

4. We have identified seven arrests.

5. We only record the number of items recovered, not the quantities. We have identified six items that have been recovered.

FOI reference: 834/16.

Date of request: 20.06.16.

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