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Ghost, UFO, Zombie, Vampire 999 calls 2013-2016


I would like to request all information relating to 999 calls made to your force between July 2013 and July 2016 (or as close to these dates as possible) that include the keywords 'ghost', 'UFO', 'zombie', 'vampire' and 'supernatural' and as much detail as possible relating to the call i.e. time, date and location for each one. I would like to know which calls were responded to by police action.


Please see the number of calls which include the keywords provided in the attached file broken down by date, time and location as requested. Please note that this information has been retrieved using a keyword search only and therefore suggests nothing more than the caller used one of these words during their report.

FOI reference: 964/16.

Date of request: 26.07.16.


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