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Environment and Sustainability

Understanding and managing the impacts we have on the environment is important to us. It not only means that we are doing the right thing in terms of cutting our carbon emissions, it ensures that we are using our resources efficiently and deliver a policing service to the communities we serve that is truly value for money.

We are going green

Initiatives right across the Constabulary are helping us to be greener including:

  • Making our buildings more energy efficient by using heating and cooling less where we can, improving insulation and fitting LED lighting.
  • Working hard to reduce the amount of waste we produce and increase the amount we recycle.
  • Rolling out more fuel efficient vehicles and using technology to make sure they are used efficiently.
  • Encouraging our PCSOs to patrol on bike or foot and use cars less.
  • Using our buying power to make sure our suppliers supply us with more sustainable products and services.
  • Getting the people that work for us on board, from Chief Officers to bobbies on the beat, building managers to IT buyers.
  • Using IT to make us more mobile and avoid unnecessary journeys.
  • Investing in renewable energy sources like solar and biomass.
  • Looking at ways we can support our staff to travel to and from work in greener ways.
  • Working in partnership with others in creative and unconventional ways to help build safer, sustainable communities long term and reduce the ‘cost’ of crime.

Renewable energy

Investing in renewable energy reduces our reliance on finite fossil fuels, cuts our energy costs and provides us with an important additional source of income through government incentives.

We know that predicted future prices for fossil fuels mean that our energy costs could be substantially higher longer term at the same time as public sector funding is being cut.  We need to find smarter ways of doing more with less.

  • We commissioned our first solar array in 2012 to supply one of our buildings in Bristol with free energy from the sun.  By 2016, a further five arrays had gone live.
  • Heating at our headquarters site is supplied, in part, by three biomass boilers ensuring we are using sustainable, locally-sourced wood pellets more, and gas less.

We can now self-generate more than one Giga Watt of energy ourselves each year across our estate.  It means our carbon emissions are lower and we are financially better off.

Useful contacts

  • Julian Kern, Director of Finance and Chief Officer Group lead for Sustainability
  • Hannah Watts, Sustainability Programme Manager

If you want to find out more about our sustainability programme, you can get in touch with either of our contacts above online or by calling 101. 

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