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Meet Us, Join Us

Having a representative workforce is central for building confidence in policing amongst the communities we serve. The constabulary has some way to go to truly reflect this and we strive to be an employer of choice for everyone. We encourage applications from all sections of the community to reflect the diversity of the people we serve.

With over 2,687 servicing officers, 2,259 Police staff and 330 PCSOs we have opportunities for everyone. Read on to discover how people feel about working here.

Police Staff

Dean – Golfer, Rambler and Security Officer


I’m Dean and I’ve been working as part of the security team for seven years. I manage access control, CCTC surveillance and patrol the site. You have to be able to think on your feet and deal with any incident on its merits.

I worked for 15 years at Manchester Airport and later as an aviation security officer.

I love a challenge and meeting people. The job I do is never boring and I love chatting to everyone I meet. It’s the perfect job for me.

Pete – Dad, Marathon Runner and Vehicle Storesperson


I’m Pete and I’d never considered working for A&S before. I applied after hearing that the previous storesman was retiring, nine years later I am still working in transport services. We have a diverse fleet of vehicles from mopeds, cars, boats and trailers which all need servicing.

I worked in the motor trade for 30 years for Nissan, Ford, BMW, Vauxhall and Mercedes. Working here has allowed me to put all that experience to good use. I feel very proud to tell people where I work. There are so many roles within the force other than a police officer that people can apply for.

Samantha - Outdoor Loving Mum and Victim & Witness Care Officer


I’m Sam and I am a based at the Lighthouse Bristol hub. When an incident is reported to the police and the victim is identified as vulnerable, intimidated or persistently targeted they are referred to my team.

I liaise with the officer in the case, internal departments and other outside agencies who provide ongoing support for the victim. If an incident goes to court, I keep the victims and witnesses updated and liaise with the courts and Crown Prosecution Service. I enjoy speaking to people in the community to reassure them and help make a difficult time less confusing. It is rewarding to see the difference you can make.

I am also the Hate Crime point of contact for Bristol and I volunteer for the police lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Liaison Team.

Ben - Born To Make Films, Loves Music and Video Technician


I’m Ben and I have been working for A&S as a video technician for six years but I have been making films since I was a teenager. Prior to being here I was self-employed producing corporate films, short films and music videos for companies in Bristol. I decided to take on this role as I was looking for a fulltime stable job in the world of film making.

There are many different types of work that go on within the constabulary; there is always someone new to work with and something new to see. One day I may be filming an interview with the Chief Constable, the next I could be out following response officers as they respond to a 999 call. My department also produces exhibits for court cases so I am able to contribute in some way to making Avon & Somerset a safer place to be.

Rebecca - Party Girl, Bookworm and Crime Scene Investigator


I’m Rebecca and I am a volume crime scene investigator (VCSI) collecting forensic evidence to identify the person responsible for the crime. I have been in this role for 18 months and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

It’s nice feeling you have made a difference to someone that is possibly having the worst day of their life, especially if your evidence helps identify those responsible and bring the victim some closure.

I studied Forensic Science at university and then a Masters in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology. Nothing beats being out and about, customer facing, and seeing the impact of your work. Putting on the ‘Forensics’ jacket for the first time makes you feel pretty awesome.

Molly - Ambitious, Former Apprentice and Fully Employed


I’m Molly and I joined as an apprentice in 2014. I spent the year learning about the constabulary and the business side of the organisation. I wanted to work in an environment where I could give something back to the community and I love it.

After my apprenticeship, I was lucky to be offered an exciting temporary role at Black Rock Specialist Training Centre as an administrator. I work on reception and manage the training schedules.

As my contract is due to end, I am really pleased to say that following an interview I am now going to be employed permanently in finance as a business liaison officer.

Volunteer Jobs

Chris- Banker, Footballer and Police Volunteer


I’m Chris and I currently work full time as a banking consultant. It is my ambition to become police officer. I have been working for Avon and Somerset Constabulary as a police staff volunteer, gaining as much relevant training and education as possible to further my career.

I am passionate about our diverse community. Some of the work I am most proud of is my involvement in mentoring students from challenging backgrounds with the help of the Black Police Association. We address issues and concerns in the educational system, discourage negative behaviour and promote self- development.

Special Constabulary

Steve – Financial Adviser, People Person and Special Constable


I’m Steve and I wanted to put something back into my community and after six months of completing my initial training I hit the streets of Bristol and I haven’t looked back. I do not think there’s a more rewarding or varied opportunity. As a warranted police officer, one minute you could be talking down a violent offender, supporting a victim of crime and the next handling a delicate domestic incident, there really are no two days the same.

I have had the best five years of my life, I have seen and done more than I would have ever imagined and made some life-long friends. If you feel you could join us then I look forward to meeting you on a training course soon.

Police Officer

Leanne – Mum, Weight Lifter and PC


I’m Leanne and I live with my partner Charlotte, my two stepsons, five cats and a dog. I have been a police constable for 12 ½ years, and a member of the LGBT liaison team for two and half years. I wanted to be a police officer from the age of ten years old. I also volunteer as a Police cadet leader.

I have been involved in situations that have made me cry with laughter and with sadness. I have been assaulted, shouted at, sworn at and hated by some, but thanked, hugged and welcomed by the majority. If I can go home at the end of a shift knowing I have done all I can to help someone, then I am doing what I joined to do.

Shaf - Cricketer, Sportsman and PC


I’m Shaf and I’ve been a Police Officer for 10 years joining Avon and Somerset after graduating from University. I joined the police for various reasons:  my positive interactions with the police growing up had a major influence on my career choice, but I also wanted my community to be proud of having one of their own representing them within the police.

I was a response officer for seven years before becoming a neighbourhood officer, a role which I have been doing for the past three years. Despite what you see on TV, being a police officer is challenging; you are put in situations which most people have never been in, or you find yourself resolving a matter that most people have never had to make a decision on.

There will be sadness and tears but there will also be fun and joy and at the end of it you will have made a difference and that’s what we all work towards. Plus I still get to play my sports on Saturdays which also helps!

Police Officer Development

Helen Riddell - Eagle Owl, Cold Water Swimmer and Police Sergeant

Helen Riddell

I’m Helen and I joined the police in London in September 1988. I have been a beat officer, response officer, traffic officer and a firearms officer with the Diplomatic Protection Group. I was seconded to Royalty Protection in Balmoral.

The most wonderful aspect of being a police officer is the honour of helping people in the worst times of their lives, providing support and reassurance when all is falling apart for them. Then the next minute, carrying out a schools visit and the children reduce you to laughter with their stories.

I moved with my partner to the Avon & Somerset area as a transferee sergeant to this force. My current goals are to build on the good work of our LGBT liaison team and to lead us into the Top 100 of the Stonewall Equality Index demonstrating to all our communities that our police force is always ready to help and assist them whatever their needs, background or experiences.

Ayesha – Spin Class Addict, Sweet Lover and Detective Sergeant


I’m Ayesha, I finished my psychology degree in 2004 and saw an advert for the police.

I worked on response for two years, I knew I wanted to be a detective and so moved to the burglary squad in 2007. In 2010 I qualified as a detective and worked in the Bristol CID office. In 2015 I was promoted to detective sergeant on protect, which means I manage a team investigating child abuse, domestic abuse, rapes, serious sexual assaults.

Every  day is different, it can be overwhelming, fun, exciting, sad and challenging; so it helps if you have a sense of humour, positive attitude and a great team with you and seeing the difference that you make is amazing.

Lou – Mum, Animal Lover and Dog Handler


I’m Lou and I feel privileged to have two amazing dogs that I love to work and share with my family. It’s fair to say that my husband is very understanding. Home life is rather busy when you put two daughters, an elderly horse, chickens, cats and guinea pigs and our pet spaniel into the mix. I just have to keep juggling those balls and often survive on five hours sleep. But it is so worth it.

I started my career almost 24 years ago. I trained as a Detective and worked in CID and the child abuse investigation team.

My ambition was always to be a dog handler. The assessments were tough and physically challenging to test those with grit and determination. I may not have been the fastest, but I have bucket loads of that. I fell at the interview stage and had to repeat the assessment 18 months later. That was almost seven years ago now. My advice is to choose something you enjoy and it doesn’t feel like work - follow your dreams.

Tristan – Dad, Diver and Mounted Officer


My journey started with one quote on a scrap of paper, “We shall have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but also for the appalling silence of the good”. When I read Martin Luther King Jnr’s words I knew that I had to do my bit to make a difference in society. I wanted to make our world a better place, rather than simply sitting on the sofa shouting at the news every night.

I had to serve in a response team for at least two years before I could even apply to join the mounted section. Those years turned into eleven with the blink of an eye. I had experienced such a rich, diverse and challenging career but my heart was still drawing me towards the mounted. I have not regretted it for a moment. I have a job that I love despite some really tough days. And I still have that scrap of paper with the Martin Luther King quote tucked safely in my wallet.

Colin - Football Manager, Sportsman and Detective Constable


I’m Colin and I served in the Royal Navy for nine years and during my time developed aspirations to join the police. It has been the highlight of my career and I have not looked back. I was a PC for ten years and I have been a detective constable for 14 years and it has given me great satisfaction.

I deal with a variety of incidents and meet lots of interesting people. Each day is unpredictable; I could be at my desk examining vital evidence to attending the scene of a serious crime. I enjoy my role and I'm pleased that I can provide help to all the people I meet.

Sabeena - Travelling Cake Eater and PC in investigations


I’m Sabeena. After completing my Masters Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, I worked for two and a half years at Parc Prison. I started my policing career in Bath, on the response team, and stayed for five and a half years. I have just recently moved to Investigations. I hope to eventually gain my detective qualification.

I find the role, fun and exciting, where I am constantly faced with new challenges and experiences. I meet lots of new people, some good, some bad and each day is a learning curve. I can honestly say that if I was in any other job, I would easily get bored.

Annette – Lip Gloss Loving Rock Climber and Firearms Officer


I’m Annette and I’m a firearms officer working as part of Tri Force Specialist Operations. When I joined the police almost 15 years ago I had never anticipated that I would join the firearms team.

I provided support on an operation, where I observed the firearms team negotiate a male from a property. I thought to myself: “I could do that but I know nothing about guns”. I found out more about the role and for the last nine years have never looked back.

I am now the acting sergeant on the team covering firearms, roads policing and dogs. I am an operational firearms commander, tactical advisor and tactical medic. I really enjoy my job. Every day is different and I have been lucky enough to be involved in some exciting jobs such as the Olympics in Weymouth and the Nato Summit.

Outside of work I wear pretty dresses, enjoy shopping for shoes and love anything pink and sparkly. It’s a complete contrast to my role.

Sonny - Passionate, Committed and Tactical Firearms Commander


I’m Sonny and I am a tactical firearms commander (TFC). The role is fabulous as I get to interact with many different departments within the constabulary.

After 28 years I still have passion, enthusiasm and energy to work in this amazing organisation. I believe our values are clear and focused. I aim to deliver this every day.

I have to make some really challenging decisions but I know the professional, dedicated and skilled people I work alongside can get the right results. I always have fun and try to keep colleagues relaxed to get the best out of them and for their own well-being.

I am also the Vice Chair of the Disabled Police Association and sexual orientation champion for the LGBT team. I work with truly, dedicated staff looking to help colleagues and the public alike.

Communications Centre

Kate - Nana, Postman Pat Lover and Incident Assessor & Review Officer


I’m Kate and I have been working at A & S for 14 years and I love it. I began as a call handler. After 12 years I felt I needed another challenge and moved into the Incident Assessment Unit (IAU).

My ambition was to be an air stewardess. But at 17 I had a motorbike accident, where I lost my leg, and I use crutches to get about. I had to make big career changing decisions to adapt to my disability.

I married and had two children, and loved being a housewife and mum, but as I found myself one day laughing at Postman Pat whilst eating my lunch – and the kids were at school – I decided I needed to get a job.

Working in IAU is about accuracy and is victim focused. We have to know the difference between common assault and GBH, theft and robbery. We are the first point of contact for the victim.

Luke - Loves The Night Shift Buffet and Call Handler


I’m Luke and I have been a call handler for two years, answering Emergency 999 and Non-Emergency 101 calls. These have been the best two years of my life.

I left University with an English degree, a lot of debt and not a lot of direction. I applied to be a police officer a couple of years ago and as I was getting through each stage of the lengthy and difficult recruitment process, I realised that I wasn’t sure I wanted to work in policing. I didn’t get the PC role on that occasion but it opened my eyes to other roles within the police that I never imagined existed. A call handler role came up and here I am.

The six weeks training was challenging but I felt supported throughout. The learning however never stops.

I can have someone report a shop theft, speak to a suicidal person, take details of a violent assault, and then deal with someone reporting their neighbour’s dog barking too loudly…all before I’ve had a cup of tea.

If you’re thinking about a challenging, engaging and rewarding change of direction in life then this is it.

Police Cadets

Jake – Student, Works in Retail and Head Cadet


I’m Jake and I joined Street police cadets in November 2013 at the age of 14, following an advert in the local paper. I started cadets as a quiet member not knowing anyone; this pushed me out of my comfort zone. I soon gained confidence and became a more outgoing person.

I am head cadet in my unit which means I have to help organise cadets at our weekly meetings. I guide and encourage new and existing cadets to be the best they can be.

Helen - Student, Award Winner and Cadet


I’m Helen and I joined the cadets in November 2012 with our first intake. I have enjoyed supporting at events such as Glastonbury Festival where I was part of the high visibility patrols ensuring public safety. I had to escort the ambulance crew, clearing a path through the crowds to the pyramid stage, where a member of the public had collapsed.

I was always interested in joining. I am very shy and being a cadet has given me so much confidence. It also gives you great work prospects and things to talk about in interviews. I can talk to a five year old and a 75 year old, it has improved my communication skills and I feel proud that I am able to help people.

I received a Gold Commanders Award for my support with during the Somerset Level’s flooding.