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Hear from our people

The role of a police officer is a challenging but highly rewarding one.

 Who best to tell you what it's like but the people in the job:

Leanne – Mum, Weight Lifter and PC

Leanne-featureI’m Leanne and I live with my partner Charlotte, my two stepsons, five cats and a dog.

I have been a police constable for 12 ½ years, and a member of the LGBT liaison team for two and half years.

I wanted to be a police officer from the age of ten years old. I also volunteer as a Police cadet leader.

I have been involved in situations that have made me cry with laughter and with sadness. I have been assaulted, shouted at, sworn at and hated by some, but thanked, hugged and welcomed by the majority.If I can go home at the end of a shift knowing I have done all I can to help someone, then I am doing what I joined to do.