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The main thing we do ask of new Special Constables is that they give a long term commitment to the role and the force.

Since you will be working far fewer hours than your regular colleagues, it takes time for you to get to know your community in the same way police officers do, build on your training and experience and become more fully effective. We therefore ask you to consider carefully your motivation and dedication for this vital service to the community.

When deployed with a regular officer you will be directed how to best help them deal with whatever comes up, regardless of what the case is.

Please note: We are looking for a commitment from you to perform a minimum monthly average of 16 hours duty, spread evenly throughout the year, exclusive of your training.

You must have honesty, integrity and a sense of commitment. You must be physically fit with good interpersonal skills and the self confidence to deal with a wide variety of people.

Your duty times will be agreed locally to accommodate your own availability.

In return for all of the above, the job will broaden your horizons, provide on-going training and build up your confidence.

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