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Employer Support Scheme

As a force, we recognise that it is sometimes difficult for individuals to offer their service without the support of their employers. For this reason, we are keen to develop partnership initiatives between ourselves and the employers of our Special Constables.

We are keen to recruit more Special Constables and we are asking employers and businesses to consider sponsoring their employees, by undertaking to invest an agreed number of days per month of an employee's normal working hours to serve their local community as a Special Constable.

Through the Employer Support for Special Constables Scheme an agreed number of employees apply to become Special Constables subject to our normal recruitment procedures and standards. If the employee is selected for appointment your company would be asked to sponsor the employee by undertaking to invest an agreed number of days per month of the employee's normal working hours for duty as a Special Constable.

The employee's commitment would be to donate this time off to their community in service as a Special Constable and your company would be informed of the duty time and receive feedback on their achievements and development. The employee would also contribute additional hours of their free time to match and possibly exceed that donated by the employer.

We believe that all parties will benefit from this partnership initiative.

Benefits for the company

  • Innovative opportunity for your employee's personal/professional development.
  • Increasing your employee's expectations of having a work/life balance.
  • Contributing towards the personal growth and fulfilment of your employees.
  • Reducing loss by theft and fraud through heightened security.
  • Media opportunity demonstrating direct company action in the community.

Benefits for the employee

  • Opportunity for giving something back into the community.
  • Personal development of inter-personal skills:
    • Self confidence
    • Decision making
    • Conflict resolution
    • Problem solving
    • Effective listening
    • Effective negotiation
    • Exercising empathy
    • Team building
  • Career development possibilities.
  • Positive addition to the CV.

Benefits for the community

  • Raising the police profile reassuring the public and helping to create a safer local community.
  • Increased visibility of uniformed police staff.
  • Local crime and disorder issues tackled more effectively.
  • Helping to reduce crime and fear of crime.

Benefits to Avon and Somerset Constabulary

  • Ability to provide a more visible uniformed presence to assist in dealing with incidence of crime and disorder and to reassure the public.
  • Public satisfaction and feeling of security enhanced.
  • Greater partnership working.
  • Positive media opportunities demonstrating community partnership.


For more details about this scheme please contact the Special Constabulary Coordinator on the following email address